A Quilter's Blog Diary

This is my first quilter's blog post.

I am so blessed that I can spend my days doing what I love -- quilting.  I will share with you my joys and disappointments.  But most importantly, my blog will celebrate quilts as a symbol of comfort, hope, family legacy, love, and art.  Every baby should have one and if I have my way every baby will.

My love of baby quilts started 17 years ago but it was not until I retired from a career in advertising that I was finally able to devote myself to quilting.

Are quilts magical?  What is it about a quilt that brings a smile to the lips and a twinkle to the eye?  Is it a loving memory of the mother, grandmother, or great aunt who made the quilt?  Or is it the warm memory of your childhood quilt?

A well-loved quilt will evoke mixed emotions.  Did you watch your beloved relative make your quilt?  Or did it appear one day like magic?

Until I was taught the art of quiltmaking by the elders of my church,  I thought it was just an old fashion thing that women did.  (The quilt in the photo made with the quilting elders)

I did not know that quilts are an important part of our history.  I did not know that quilt patterns were codes that were used in the Underground Railroad.  I did not know that quilts are works of art.  I was unaware of the quilting artists of Gee's Bend.  See this link for a look at the work of these amazing women. 

I’ll end this blog with my hope that you will discover:

True friends are like a quilt – they get better with age and they don’t judge you.

So long for now,




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