An Inspirational Quilt

A handcrafted quilt can comfort and console.

I am in the process of creating a custom lap quilt for my former Pastor.  I chose the Log Cabin Quilt Block because it symbolizes home and family.  As his former flock we will always be his family and he will always be our Shepherd. 

 The Log Cabin block has a center of red fabric it represents the warmth of the home and family.  It will be the dominant quilt block of the lap quilt.

It is commonly known that This will a handcrafted quilt tells a story.  The story is in the fabric, the colors, the maker, the recipient and the quilting.  Father’s favorite colors are showcased in the quilt as well as fabric that calls forth fond memories of the people and joyous occasions we shared over the years.

There are musical notes and piano keys to remind Father of the church choirs.  There are quotes from Emily Dickerson and Louisa May Alcott to acknowledge Father’s background as an educator. 

The sky is the limit to what you can have!. The Clarke Sisters – “I’m looking for a miracle”

Every handcrafted quilt has a story.  Feel free to share your quilt’s story. 

So long for now,


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