5 Reasons to buy a handcraft quilt

Kali Quilts are handcrafted and made with care.  There are no loose threads to snag baby's fingers and toes.

#1 The Quilting

The secret to a well made quilt is in the quilting details. Take a closer look at our quilts.

#2 Secure Quilt Edges

We trim the qult by hand and seal the edges with a Serger.  this makes the quilt stronger right where it is needed the most.

#3 Soft and Durable

Our quilts can outlast the most playful toddlers who like the cuddly soft feeling of a Kali Quilt.

#4 Cuddly Soft

Our all natural fleece quilt backing fabric is the softest part of our quilts.  Why?  We make this way because we want the softest part of our quilt to touch baby.

#5 Machine Washable

Little ones will are messy. Kali Quilts are machine wash and dry.  Wash with baby detergent and machine dry on low heat.