Log Cabin Block Lap Quilt Top


A Custom Quilt to be used as a lap quilt for an adult.

I fell in love with the log cabin quilt block because it allowed me the freedom to experiment with a variety of patterns and colors.  The only rule is there must be a contrast between dark and light in each log cabin block.  The colors were requested by the client who gave me permission to create a custom layout.

The client is a legacy giftgiver.   In other words their gifts have significance, they have a message that is generational, that celebrates our culture and our hopes for the future.

Did you know that every quilt has a story?  This quilt tells a story of faith, music, patience, hope and family.

If you own a quilt, then you already know this.  It is my goal to enable legacy giftgivers to share their family's legacy with the next generation with Kali Quilts baby quilt.

Next Steps:  Now that the quilt top is finished the next steps are Quilting and Binding.  More on this soon.

So long for now

Ernestine Grant



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