2024 The Year My Grandbabies Fell In Love With Minky

Let me start this blog with a definition: Minky Fabric is the softest and most cuddly fabric I have ever used. It is a microfiber fabric that is known for its soft and plush texture. It is made from 100% polyester fibers. And it is know by many trademarked names: "Lux Cuddle", "Minky Dimple Dot", "Smooth Minky" and "Cuddle Minky".

My grandbabies love minky fabric because I have been used to back cotton quilts, flannel blankets. And this year their birthday quilts were faux fur minky blankets. Since they are far from being infants, I felt very comfortable with using a polyester fabric instead of 100% cotton.

I think my next minky project will be a pillow or stuffed animal. I'll keep you updated.

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