Handcrafted Custom Photo Quilt -- A Customer Idea

This month I introduced a handcrafted custom photo quilt with a cuddly 'Minky' fabric fleece backing as a new product. The idea came from a customer. Here's the story of how it happened.

Earlier this year while consulting with a customer on the design of their custom quilt I was asked if I could include photos. Actually I never thought of doing that before but said sure. I knew that I could figure it out. 

The customer experience of providing me with the photos was super easy.  The photos were sent to me via text from a smartphone. And I used my tech know-how to print the individual images on paper backed fabric. My tech process to convert the digital photo images into paper backed fabric is a 60-step process which will remain a Kali Quilts trade secret.

Since this was a custom quilt, the customer gave final approval of the full color layout of the quilt, provided the information for the monogram and the quilt label -- before the quilt was sewn. The customer was super, super happy with the finished quilt.

I created two additional custom photo quilts to test the tech and quilt-making process.  It really, really works!

The handcrafted custom photo quilt that is can be purchased on my kalibabyquilts.com website represents my best work ever. For the website, only I added the luxury feature of the 'Soft & Minky Swiss Fabric Dots' fabric backing (Learn more about this super cuddly fabric at: https://www.joann.com/soft-minky-fleece-fabric--dots/18419770.html)

The end!


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